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Aaron Blank / October 10, 2013

By Aaron Blank, President, The Fearey Group

What does it take to get hired at The Fearey Group as an Account Executive?  (NOTE: The job description for our AE position follows these tips.)

  1. If you are reading this blog you’ve taken your first step. Get to know us. Understand our business. Know what you are getting into before you submit your resume. Study our website. Review our social channels. Figure out what we do and how you can be a key part of our company.
  2. Get to know someone within the agency. How? Well, you can find most of us online. I’m on twitter at @AaronBlank. Laura Ray, our senior VP is also on twitter. Our public affairs director, Alex Fryer, is on twitter, but prefers email. Find his email address.
  3. Show us your portfolio. What have you done to demonstrate you would fit within our culture and firm? Demonstrate your experience in a creative way. Drew Symonds, a Sr. Account Executive in our firm built out an online portfolio to demonstrate his capabilities. That showed us that he not only knows how to build a wordpress website or blog, but that he understands the new era of public relations.
  4. Content is king in PR today. Are you blogging? Are you on twitter? Are you on LinkedIn? Are you on Facebook? We look at your online portfolio.
  5. References still matter. We want the best of the best. Your references must tell us how detail oriented you are; how you are able to take initiative without much effort or direction; how you are a go-getter.
  6. Be creative in your approach! Don’t just send us your resume with a cover letter. Be creative in how you deliver your portfolio and resume to us! Those who stand alone will likely be called in for an interview. Our mantra is “Fearless Thinking!” Do something that demonstrates how you are fearless.

Our business is growing! We’ve added several new clients in just the past two weeks. We want people who can fit in with our diverse set of clients and who are willing to just get the job done while meeting our Fearey quality standards. If you are interested, figure a way to get a hold of us, but do it in a creative fashion. We’re interested in you!

Did I mention, we’re hiring?!!!!

Account Executive (AE) Job Description


  • A degree in marketing communications, journalism, public relations or public affairs
  • A minimum of one to two years working as an employee in public relations, journalism or marketing with preference given to working in a public relations firm

Skills required:

  • A basic understanding of mass communications, social media and media relations
  • Good media relations and social media skills with demonstrated results in media placement
  • If previously working at a public relations firm, a proven track record of making or exceeding billing requirements
  • Strong written and verbal skills; good critical thinker; creative
  • Positive and professional attitude and demeanor that lends itself to quality client service
  • Ability to organize, coordinate and implement client programs and events within budget expectations
  • A committed team player with a good work ethic

Duties and Responsibilities:

An Account Executive (AE) participates on several client accounts and is responsible for planning and executing activities in a timely, efficient and high-quality manner under the direction of a Senior Account Executive, an Account Supervisor or another staff member. The AE must be accomplished at media pitching, media scheduling, media research, and should understand the many aspects of social media and content public relations.  The AE should be able to coordinate and implement programs, plans and special events under the supervision of another TFG staff member. In certain cases, the AE should be able to develop mini-plans for account activities and then to implement the plan with desired results. An AE may be asked to manage or mentor interns.  The AE will support senior-level staff in the development of new business proposals or client plans and may be asked to write activity reports to support client relations.  An AE is not expected to have primary client contact but might be asked to attend team meetings.

Billing requirements: 30-35 hours/per week

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Aaron Blank

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Aaron has been engaged in the conversation since the late 1990s, where he discovered his love of media while working at local radio stations. After five years as a radio reporter, anchor, producer and promoter in New York and Connecticut, he and his wife, Lacey, ventured west to begin his career in PR. Soon he caught the attention of industry legend Pat Fearey and the rest is history. Two decades later, as CEO and owner of Fearey, Aaron leads with tireless enthusiasm and contagious drive. In 2014, he became the next generation owner of the firm. He takes his breakfast at 4:30 AM and never eats lunch alone. You can find him working to connect the next business with tomorrow’s leader.

Personal philosophy: do something amazing every day and be fearless!