PR Unplugged: The Effects of Technology on PR and Communications

Rosalind Brazel / September 21, 2013

A Blog series by Caleb Kruse

This week is my introduction to a new blog series dedicated to analyzing our modern use of technology, specifically in PR and communication. Throughout this series I will attempt to pull some insight on the good, the bad, and the ugly as well as propose some ways we can think more critically on the topic.

Isn’t it amazing how rapidly technology has changed the modern business world?  Specifically in the last decade with the introduction of smartphones, people are more “connected” than ever before. Twenty years ago, e-mail was nonexistent; people had to pick up a phone and verbally communicate, write letters, and physically be present with each other. The invention of the Internet has completely changed the way humanity is able to gain access to information and communicate with each other. Social media has taken over our professional and personal lives and has given everyone more “friends” than they ever had before. While I am not saying any of these changes are necessarily bad, I do believe there are some potential problems if they are not used responsibly.

Moving forward with this blog series I would like to throw out a little disclaimer. I personally love technology and some would say I’m almost a little bit geeky with it. I will attempt to be as unbiased as possible and propose some thoughts and ideas that can challenge us all.

Next week I will provide a more in depth look at some of the benefits technology has brought to the world of PR.