Top restaurant social media programs in the U.S.

May Wildman / September 7, 2018

One size does not fit all when it comes to social media. For certain industries such as business to business and services, LinkedIn is the way to go. For others, like news publications, Twitter is key. For restaurants, Instagram is the winner.

Instagram is a great, often under-utilized tool for restaurants looking to gain exposure, particularly among millennials. In the past few years, Instagram foodie influencers have gone so far as to create their own restaurant empires.  Instagram is an opportunity for brands to speak the language of young people.

Here are some of the most impressive restaurant Instagram accounts on the scene:

  1. Taco Bell

Taco Bell has been killing the Twitter game for years, so why wouldn’t their Instagram feed be anything less than stellar?

From vintage-inspired Taco Bell collages:

To a play on Instagram influencer @ehgg’s “food in the air” style:

…this brand knows how to get millennials’ fingers double tapping.

  1. Cha Cha Matcha

With two locations in New York, this brand takes its pink-and-green theme to the next level on its Instagram feed. Immaculately curated, this feed is selling more than just green tea drinks – it’s selling a lifestyle. We’re putting this shop on our next “to-eat” list when in New York City.

  1. Beauty & Essex Las Vegas

There are multiple locations of Beauty & Essex around the country, but we like the Las Vegas Instagram account best. The feed showcases beautiful professionally produced photography of food and drink along with the restaurant’s unique pawn shop located at the front of the restaurant.

  1. Gjelina

For some restaurants, where the ingredients are sourced is half of the story. Gjelina, located in Venice, Calif., highlights local ingredients such as Santa Barbara squid, produce farm Glora Bella and Morro Bay oysters – all captured with an artistic flair reflecting the refinement of the restaurant.


  1. Howlin’ Ray’s

Also a Los Angeles-based restaurant, Howlin’ Rays has attracted long lines for years due to its shockingly spicy Nashville Hot Chicken.  With almost 100k followers on Instagram, Howlin’ Rays is a restaurant with a massive social influence. Driving this massive following are occasional follower giveaways where winners can skip the line and receive dining dollars. Its chicken is served with distinct black and red branded paper, adding to the overall aesthetic of the shop’s Instagram feed. Shots of delicious-looking fried chicken are interspersed with guests enjoying their food. We give this feed a “cluck yeah.”


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