The influence of sports

Rosalind Brazel / January 8, 2013

What were you doing Sunday afternoon? If you were NOT watching the Seahawks game, you didn’t have much company. The ratings from that game were an astounding 46.7 or a 75 share. What that means for you non-TV buffs is that three quarters of Seattle televisions were tuned in to watch the Seahawks get a rare on-the-road playoff victory over the Washington Redskins. Yes, we had to sit through the endless accolades of RG III and watch his Subway commercial. Then, when Robert Griffin III’s limp kicked in we could hear the underlying “it’s not a fair game” hints from the announcers.  Yet, legions of Washington televisions stayed on Q13 Fox to watch the game and, thankfully, there was plenty for Seattle to cheer about despite the “Griffin gab.”

It sends a powerful message about the influence of sports to TV viewing. Will this moment go down as a “what were you doing when?”, or is this just the start of something truly amazing? Perhaps the bigger questions is “where will you be this Sunday 10am PST?”

Stay tuned to see if we break even more TV viewing records.

And by the way, his name is Russell …last name Wilson.