The Global Power of Local Knowledge

Aaron Blank / April 16, 2015

Next week is our annual Public Relations Global Network’s (PRGN) spring meeting, and we at The Fearey Group are excited and honored to be hosting it right here in Seattle!

prgnlogo When Pat Fearey helped create PRGN 20 years ago, it was a groundbreaking idea: give clients a way to access the market-specific expertise of a local PR agency from anywhere in the world. Back then, communicating across borders was a challenge. Now with a network of nearly 50 top agencies on six continents, PRGN is truly a global resource.

This ground up knowledge base is the star of next Thursday’s Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and the Seattle Trade Alliance luncheon, hosted by The Fearey Group.

I’ll be moderating a discussion on the idiosyncrasies of doing business with our Pacific Rim neighbors in Japan, Australia and Canada with a panel of PRGN experts from each. We’ll learn about the ways we can build better relationships by being mindful of our cultural differences.

Is it wise to crack a few jokes to break the ice in a meeting with Japanese businesspeople? How about in Vancouver? People are people, right?

Yes indeed, but knowing the answers in advance can make all the difference when working toward a trusting, respectful relationship. PRGN was formed because nobody knows a local market like the people on the ground.  Join me in utilizing this unique resource to help us all be better equipped to build the best relationships possible.

See you there!

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Aaron Blank

CEO & President, Partner

Aaron has been engaged in the conversation since the late 1990s, where he discovered his love of media while working at local radio stations. After five years as a radio reporter, anchor, producer and promoter in New York and Connecticut, he and his wife, Lacey, ventured west to begin his career in PR. Soon he caught the attention of industry legend Pat Fearey and the rest is history. Two decades later, as CEO and owner of Fearey, Aaron leads with tireless enthusiasm and contagious drive. In 2014, he became the next generation owner of the firm. He takes his breakfast at 4:30 AM and never eats lunch alone. You can find him working to connect the next business with tomorrow’s leader.

Personal philosophy: do something amazing every day and be fearless!