Spring Clean-Eating at The Fearey Group

Meredith Hickman / March 12, 2014

By Bailey Evans, Production Assistant


That’s me practicing yoga in Big Fork, Montana

This month at The Fearey Group we felt the need to kick-off spring cleaning, or spring clean eating in our case, and a nutrition and fitness competition seemed like just the ticket! In the spirit of teambuilding through wellness, we challenged our team to a month of making healthier life choices. We created an ‘Accountability Calendar’ (it lives on our office fridge) which allows for each team member (should they choose to participate) to track exercise habits and nutritional improvements being made each day. We also take turns sending around daily doses of encouragement though e-mail including smart swap options and nutritional tidbits.

Not only does The Fearey Group love a good health kick, but we also like instilling the values of our health and wellness clients into our own company culture. We truly value creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We practice our best Fearless Thinking when we take care of ourselves and make healthy choices.

Below we have included a couple of simple swaps and sneaky exercises to incorporate into your wellness journey!

Nutritional Swaps for Success

-Swap whole wheat for white starches (i.e. pasta, rice, bread)

-Choose fruit instead of candy when that sweet tooth strikes

-Reach for fiber-filled popcorn instead of chips for a crunchy snack (and skip the kettlecorn!)

-Pick an Americano over a latte (or go with the low-fat version of your favorite drink)

-Make oatmeal instead of cereal, spice it up with some fresh or frozen berries

-Try turkey bacon at breakfast

-When dining out, share your meal or box up half for later

-Swap “good fat” for “bad fat” (Good fat = Extra Virgin Olive Oil, avocados, walnuts.  Bad fat = fries, bacon, cheese)

-Eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate

-Try your sandwich with a little more mustard and a little less mayo

-Put cinnamon in your coffee instead of sugar. Not only is it yummy, it stabilizes blood sugar levels

Sneaky Exercise for Office Excellence

-Take the stairs instead of the elevator

-If you commute, get on/off the bus a couple blocks away from your normal stop

-Get up and stretch every half hour to hour

-Walk to lunch

– Stand-up during conference calls

-Walk to your colleagues offices instead of using the intercom or IM

-Use an exercise ball in lieu of a chair at your desk