Café Spotlight: Justin Anderson + Cherry Street Coffee House

Natasha Perkins / September 11, 2015

The unusually hot (for Seattle) summer weather had left the café all but deserted as people opted instead to stay
outdoors and soak up the sunshine. But for us, iced coffee was a must. Drinks in hand, Justin and I found a table at Cherry Street Coffee House and talked about videography and electronic dance music. As our resident videographer, Justin has a slightly different perspective on The Fearey Group, and he shared with me his unique journey in the public relations and music industries. 

How did you get into the industry?

I began working at The Fearey Group in 2011, after finishing my degree at the Art Institute in Los Angeles. I studied music production and video editing, after transferring from a business degree program. I moved back home and heard from a friend that TFG needed some video help, so I gave it a shot. I gained a lot of knowledge from going to school, but each project at TFG has broadened my skill set and helped me think outside the box. Through my work, I’ve been able to explore different ways of utilizing videos for each of our clients.

What’s your favorite part about being a videographer?

I feel like a lot of me comes out in this kind of work, because I am creative when it comes to visuals and even more so with music. Whenever I am able to find the right back track and compose a video around that (this shot works with this timing of music), I feel as though I’ve put myself in the video. That’s my favorite thing – being able to creatively portray myself in that project.

You’re part of an electronic dance music duo. Tell us about that.

When I was down in California and going to the Art Institute I met my music partner. What started as “joke songs” turned into something very tangible and real – it was no longer this thing I was messing around on with my friend. Our first serious song was a Harry Potter remix that blew up on the Internet and really put us on the map. We won a few competitions and performed at a few festivals. Something was becoming of this thing we loved to do together. We never expected it to happen – every step was a mind blowing experience.

Being young and in the industry of communications, what advice could you give someone who is just starting their career?

No project is too small. Always look at each new assignment in a new light – no matter the size, you will always be able to take something away from it. If I realized my video didn’t hit as hard as the last one, I would reflect on that and continue to learn. Figure out what is working and how you are able to reach more people – apply that to how you’re trying to grow.

Favorite coffee drink: Iced Vanilla Latte

Communications hero: Drew Symonds (a TFG alum who is now at Blizzard Entertainment in San Diego). He was always successful at his work – no matter the size of the project, he would find a way to make it his own and make it stand out, make it heard. He is sincere and authentic about all of his lines of work.