A Day of Firsts: Work, Coffee and Public Transportation

Amanda Moss / June 1, 2017

Amanda Moss first dayDuring my first day as the newest production assistant at The Fearey Group, I have realized three things:

  1. I need to learn how to use public transit. As a WSU grad, I have never had to navigate bus routes and big cities.
  2. Because of long bus rides, I will need to start drinking coffee.
  3. These two cups of coffee I’ve had today are magic, buses are great because no traffic and my coworkers at The Fearey Group are already my favorite people.

It’s exciting being able to demonstrate all that I have practiced with public relations in a real agency setting. After working in in-house PR, I am eager and ready to practice PR alongside public relations professionals while assisting multiple clients and campaigns in an agency. Being the production assistant, I get to assist our multiple teams and get a taste of each of The Fearey Group’s different practices.

The office is open and colorful, I get my own desk and I have the opportunity to learn from every single team member because they make it a priority to help each production assistant grow with constructive feedback and a collaborative mindset. After this first day, though, I’ll have to remember to limit my coffee intake. At least I can blame these coffee shakes on first day “jitters”!