Newly Hired: Sienna Badura

Amy Snow Landa / August 24, 2015

One of our new team members, Sienna Badura, graduated from the College of Charleston in May and started working as a production assistant at The Fearey Group in June.

Photo credit: Natasha Perkins

We recently sat down with Sienna to find out more about her background and interests, and about her recent transition from East Coast to West Coast, college to career.

How has your education and experience helped you so far at The Fearey Group?

The College of Charleston’s communication department focused on making sure students could think critically, research effectively, speak eloquently and write beautifully. This background has made my transition smoother than it would have been otherwise.

What appeals to you about public relations?

I like learning something new every day, whether it is doing research for a client or talking to new people. As I build these relationships I get to learn new things. 

As a recent transplant from South Carolina, what do you think of Seattle?

So far, so good. I have come to expect the five minutes of teasing that comes whenever I let a “y’all” slip.

Although relatively new to Seattle, Sienna is already a Seahawks fan (by way of Virginia Tech). Photo credit: Rachel Taylor
Although new to Seattle, Sienna is already a Seahawks fan. Photo credit: Rachel Taylor

Also, civic engagement is very different here, and that is something that I have to pay attention to, especially in PR. The people who live here care about different issues and how they communicate them is very different as well.

Is working at a PR agency different from what you expected?

It is, and it isn’t. I was lucky enough to intern at an agency in college, but the scope of work was more focused on marketing and integrated communications. So it has been great to really get to focus on PR and learn a lot about that.

Welcome to The Fearey Group, Sienna!