Putting a Face to the Name: The Importance of Meeting the Media in Your City

Rosalind Brazel / September 13, 2013

by Caleb Kruse

This week I had the opportunity to join our team for a meeting with Seattle Magazine, we went to their headquarters in SODO.  Eight members of our team sat down with their writing staff and shared a little about what we do, who our current clients are and how we can continue to work well together. The experience seemed valuable for everyone involved. I personally took quite a bit away from the experience.

It is so great to put faces to names in a day where e-mail is the most commonly used form of communication. Taking the time to sit down with the media in your city is something that every PR firm should invest in. Public Relations is all about who you know and it can be difficult to truly know someone if you have yet to meet them in person. The minute you have a face to attach to a name coming into your inbox, the email has a whole new tone and meaning than it did before. Phrases such as “it was so great to meet you” can be used to create a sense of familiarity and give the e-mail a more personalized touch. I know from personal experience that I read an email differently from someone I have met in person vs. merely a name on a screen.

During the meeting, Seattle Magazine shared some dos and don’ts for what they like to see in media pitches. They also helped us develop a better idea of the kinds of stories are worth pitching to them. This information is extremely helpful for a Public Relations firm such as The Fearey Group because it helps us cater our writing style and content specifically to each media outlet we approach.

The world of Public Relations is still somewhat new to me and I have learned a great deal so far. This meeting was great for me to see how important it is to build long lasting relationships in the city where you work. Walking away from the meeting our president, Aaron Blank, said to our team “we need to do this more often.” I look forward to having the opportunity to attend more media meet and greets in the future. It is exciting to be working for a firm that is intentionally reaching out and building the relationships necessary to set itself apart as a leader in Public Relations.