Meet the Media: Aurora Aguilar

Bailie Pelletier / May 19, 2020


Our next feature on our Meet the Media series is Aurora Aguilar, editor for Modern Healthcare in Chicago, Illinois. When it comes to storytelling, Aurora favors stories that seek to solve a specific problem. Get to know Aurora by reading all about her below and be sure to check out some of her stories!


1. How did you find yourself in your current role?

Luck. I applied for an entry level leadership position.


2. Which of your stories are you most proud of?

Our series of stories on trauma healthcare workers dealing with gun violence. All of the work that in 2018 gained us national recognition on payment and quality rules.


3. What is your favorite thing about your job?

Having the ability to create the newsroom of my dreams.


4. What is your interview style?



5. What do you look for in a story?

I like stories that seek to solve problems.


6. What is your day like at your job?

Extremely rewarding.


7. Whom do you most look up to in the journalism industry?

 I was a huge fan of Cokie Roberts. It’s hard no to admire The White House pool, my favorite being Yamiche Alcindor.


8. What is your favorite news outlet?

Modern Healthcare.


9. Fill in the blank:
    1. If I am not working, I am… spending time with my 6 year-old playing dolls or drawing.
    2. If I could interview anyone, it would be… Donald Trump.
    3. My favorite thing about Chicago is… everything.


10. What is your guilty pleasure?

I love Bravo TV, but never get a chance to watch.


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