Meet the Media: Lisa Patterson

Stella Heekin / October 3, 2018

For this week’s Meet the Media, we’d like you to meet Lisa Patterson, editor of 425 Magazine and South Sound Magazine.

1. How did you find yourself as the editor of 425 Magazine and South Sound Magazine?

I was a journalism student at Pacific Lutheran University and then spent several years as a newspaper reporter before joining Premier Media Group in 2006. At the time, 425 Magazine was simply an idea the small company was floating. I was hired, and created and launched 425 Magazine.I also re-branded another magazine into what it is today, South Sound Magazine.

2. Which of your stories are you most proud of?

Our team worked with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Seattle University on a package about homelessness for South Sound Magazine. I’m most proud of that package because it mattered and it was eye-opening. It also won a Sigma Delta Chi award from the Society of Professional Journalists, the highest national honor they give.

3. What is your favorite thing about your job?

I love my job because we have a lot of creative freedom and flexibility here, and I have the opportunity to meet so many interesting people.

4. What is your interview style?

My personal interview style varies depending on the source. I can adapt. I’m pretty down to Earth, so I think most people feel comfortable telling me things — that was my super power when I was a news reporter.

5. What do you look for in a story?

All the things that make any good story — is it interesting? Is it fresh and new? Is it valuable for our readers?

6. What is your day like at your job?

Busy. I’m always on a deadline. In addition to making magazines and managing staff and freelancers, we have content on the web we produce — newsletters, live events, marketing and general business matters.

7. What is your favorite news outlet?

I don’t have a favorite. I get news from all over. I’m a social “news” butterfly. Locally, I do enjoy sitting down with the Sunday Seattle Times and coffee.

8. Fill in the blank:

  • If I am not reporting, I am… being a mom, doing all the mom things. I’m probably at Fred Meyer.
  • If I could interview anyone, it would be… I’d love to sit down with Oprah and pepper her with questions.
  • My favorite thing about the PNW is… I love all of the natural beauty here in the PNW. I like that I can go to Seattle, Bellevue or downtown Tacoma and dine, shop and play. But I also like that we can get away from it all and visit a mountain or the ocean within a few hours. Or head to Eastern Washington, which is like another world when you get over the mountains.

9. What is your guilty pleasure? 

There are so many. French fries are at the top of the list.

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