Meet the Media: Alvaro Guillen

Olivia Fuller / December 4, 2017

For this week’s Meet the Media, we’d like you to meet Alvaro Guillen, publisher of La Raza del Noroestethe Puget Sound region’s Spanish language news outlet.

meet the media alvaro guillen

1. How did you find yourself as the publisher of the La Raza?

I was hired by The Washington Post before the first edition of La Raza was published back in 2006. In 2013, Sound Publishing bought La Raza and I became the publisher.

2. Which of your stories are you most proud of?

We are proud of the stories that generate a real connection with our readers; those stories that reflect their lives, values, struggles and accomplishments as immigrants.

3. What is your favorite thing about your job?

Serving Latinos and helping our community to grow and develop.

4. What is your interview style?

Our interviews generally have story driven style.

5. What do you look for in a story?

Relevance and significance for our Hispanic audience.

6. What is your day like at your job?

I listen, watch and read news in Spanish and English, publish stories in the paper, attend breakfast events, meet with my team and attend office meetings. I also go on sales calls with our reps. After 5 p.m. I usually work on my duties as a Board Member of the National Association of Hispanic Publications and attend community, government and non-profit organizations’ events.

7. Who do you most look up to in the journalism industry?

Jorge Ramos.

8. What is your favorite news outlet?

The New York Times.

9. Fill in the blank:

  • If I am not working, I am…playing with my kids.
  • If I could interview anyone, it would be…Jose Hernandez, the son of migrant farm workers who became an astronaut.
  • My favorite thing about Seattle is…how inclusive, multicultural and progressive it is.

10. What is your guilty pleasure?

Cooking Peruvian food for my family and listening Cuban music.

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