Media Mondays: Marc Stiles

Shea Anderson / August 27, 2012

Each Monday, we’re giving readers a chance to get to know the media a little better.

With a little flair.

Our goal is to give readers some insight into the work and work style of area journalists, and get to know a little bit about the person behind the byline. Start your week off with an online networking opportunity through our Media Monday blog post.

This week: Marc Stiles, Puget Sound Business Journal

Marc Stiles is the new commercial real estate and government reporter for the Puget Sound Business Journal. His move to the PSBJ comes after a long career at the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce. He lives in Wallingford with his partner, Matthew Haggerty, and their lazy cat Baby.
Q: What’s your favorite story you’ve done in the last week?
A: I’m just getting started at the PSBJ, and filed my first story. It’s about the new Bothell City Hall that Vulcan was picked to develop.

Q: What skills do new journalists need?
What counts is what has mattered all along — an inquisitive mind and a passion for good storytelling.

Q: Press releases: Love them or hate them?
A: Love ‘em if they’re newsy and well written. A big thumbs down for those that are pure fluff and more confusing than informative.
Q: How has social media changed what you do?
Q: I’m finding that Twitter can be a good source of information. The industry is still trying to find its footing in this new world and will be for quite some time. It’s exciting to be part of it.

Q: If you could have someone else’s job, what would it be?
A: In the real world, I think I’d like to be an urban planner. In my fantasy world, a professional baseball player.

The PR pro takeaway:

Marc has been around the Seattle commercial real estate market for a long time; he may know more about deals and developments than you do. Save the fluff for something else, give Marc the latest and greatest news and pack it with facts. You might spot him at a Mariners game, but you can definitely find him on Twitter. And you might congratulate him on his new job.