Media Monday: Vivian Hua, REDEFINE Magazine

Rosalind Brazel / December 17, 2013

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This Week: Vivian Hua, REDEFINE Magazine

 Vivian Hua 3 (1 of 1)Vivian Hua is the Editor-in-Chief of REDEFINE magazine, as well as a master of globetrotting for free and evading traditional 9-to-5 work schedules. She enjoys observing human idiosyncrasies perhaps more than anything and is a magnet for homeless people (a joy) and bug bites of all types (absolutely terrible). Marshmallows – while not really food – are one of her favorite foods, especially if they are freezered, stale, or fire-toasted. She doesn’t want to space travel, really, which is an unpopular view these days. Her design work can be seen at

Q: What’s your favorite story you’ve done in the last week?

A: This is a bit tricky since it’s the end of the year and we’re swamped with year-end coverage – but to break out of that mindset a little bit, I’d say a feature with a fascinating electronic musician named Jimmy Edgar, who we interviewed in Seattle in September after Decibel Festival. He is currently at a point in his globe-trotting career where he is pushing really hard to merge his music career with his philosophical ideas and artistic ideas, and he’s doing it in super interesting ways. You can see the piece here.

Q: What skills do new journalists need?

A: Not being afraid to put yourself out there and make a mistake… and be able to accept constructive edits if they will ultimately make your writing better.

Q: If you weren’t working at your current job, what would you be doing?

A: Working with underprivileged individuals and communities in a case management position – or working towards doing that.

Q: Finish this sentence: “A good PR person is …”

A: Someone who respects the work of their client, and actually does justice to the real story.

Q: What hidden talent or skill do you have that viewers/readers don’t know about you?

A: I’m really quite good at traveling the world for very little money. Ha!

The PR Pro Takeaway: We’ve extended this week’s entry to include a Portland journalist. Vivian work is unique, fresh and innovative. Catch her on Twitter, or on an airplane to her newest low-budget adventure.

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