Media Monday: Jayda Evans, The Seattle Times

Rosalind Brazel / September 17, 2013

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This week: Jayda Evans, The Seattle Times

ImageJayda Evans is the author of “Game On! How Women’s Basketball Took Seattle by Storm.” Earning a degree in journalism at The University of Arizona, Jayda began her professional career at The Seattle Times. She’s currently the newspaper’s WNBA and women’s college basketball reporter. Jayda has also written for Sports Illustrated for Kids, the NCAA Women’s Basketball Final Four official program guide and the Kansas City Star.

Q: What’s your favorite story you’ve done in the last week?

A: I’m still chasing it, but a Q&A with a player, San Antonio All-Star Sophia Young, who posted tweets against gay rights. The WNBA is slowly supporting its gay fans, many teams offering Pride Night events. There are several players who’ve come “out” and others who’ve shared their same-sex marriages. I’m an out lesbian and love discussing views with others who support and oppose my marriage. Young is one of the few WNBA players to take a stance against a right that affects many of her teammates and fans. I’m eager to see if she’ll talk about it and what she’ll say. Gathering information and making contacts is part of the thrill in getting the story.

Q: What skills do new journalists need?

A: The basics remain the same, you have to develop relationships with sources and be accurate in your reporting. Above that, these days you need to have a willingness to relocate, knowledge of all media platforms, patience, flexibility, and a love of reading.

Q: If you weren’t working at your current job, what would you be doing?

A: Writing is a skill, so I’d honestly still be a writer in a different genre. I’d love to be a travel writer and I’m a big foodie, so writing about culinary experiences is an interest. But I could even find happiness writing Hallmark cards or holiday letters. If I had to give up writing, I’d be a dancer on Broadway.

Q: Finish this sentence: “A good PR person is….”

A: Knowledgeable about their subject and who they’re targeting. Nothing bothers me more than asking a PR rep a question about their team/organization and getting the response, “I don’t know.”

Q: What hidden talent or skill do you have that viewers/readers don’t know about you?

A: I’m an excellent swimmer. Not Olympic-style, I barely made my high school swim team. But I love to swim in open water. My friends and family say I’m a fish or mermaid because if there’s water — cold or warm — I’m in it and I’m not coming out…unless you’re offering food, of course.

The PR Pro Takeaway: It’s clear from her blog that Jayda is first class at what she does, not just reporting on her beat, but pushing the blog to encompass controversial topics related to women’s basketball. Seattle is one of the few markets with this specific coverage, and it’s comprehensive.  In additions to her Seattle Times columns, you can catch Jayda Evans on Twitter.

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