Media Monday: Danielle Anthony-Goodwin, My Ballard

Meredith Hickman / February 18, 2014

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This Week: Danielle Anthony-Goodwin, My Ballard

ImageMeet My Ballard editor Danielle Anthony-Goodwin. She is full of energy, absolutely loves Ballard and (the best part) is: she is from Australia.

Q: Tell us about yourself…

A: I grew up in Sydney, Australia. My mom is Australian and my dad is American (he is from LA). I went to college in Bathurst and majored in theater and communications. My first job was working in a traveling theater company. We traveled to high schools and elementary schools and presented on real issues (like bullying) that impact kids. I came back to Sydney and worked for Rock Eisteddfod. I was a production and communications assistant; I also hosted some shows which was really fun. I was working in the Harry Potter Exhibition after that (I love Harry Potter!!).  From there, I got my high school teaching degree in drama and taught at a Catholic boys’ school.

Q: How did you end up here at My Ballard?

A: I have family in the Pacific Northwest. During college, I worked at Camp Four Winds in Orcas Island. I came back after my teaching job. At the end of the summer, a few of us counselors decided to move to Seattle and I ended up in Ballard. One of my friends Meghan was the previous editor of My Ballard blog. I helped cover for her while she was away on a trip to Kenya and then ended up joining full time.

Q: What is your favorite thing about reporting?

A: I love the sense of community and general sense of care people have for one another. People genuinely write in spreading the word about something the community needs to know. It’s not promotional.

And I love meeting people here. It is such a diverse community, and everyone is very accepting and welcoming.

Q: What is the craziest story you’ve written?

A: This man ran nude down at the Ballard Locks at the start of winter. Oh and Keira Knightley was filming at Olympic Manor. She and her husband were on Ballard Ave. having coffee and I spotted them. Of course I didn’t have my camera.

Q: Do you have a favorite place or activity to unwind?

A: I love going to the gym for Zumba (Olympic Athletic Club has the best instructor!). Performing is another thing, but I haven’t done as much of that here. I love working with kids. I have a little sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. I am also trying to learn the guitar.

Q: Where do you find most of your stories? Give me a snap shot/day in the life.

A: A lot of community members write in. Also, just walking around. Living here is the most important part. You feel connected.

We’re lucky because the community is so supportive. There is rarely a day when there isn’t something going on.

Q: What should a PR person know about bringing story ideas to the Ballard blog? 

A: Bring as much information as you have! My Ballard is less formal. We just want to engage with the community.

Q: Ballard is booming, any new hot spots we should know about? 


  • Bauhaus coffee
  • Billy Beach sushi is really good
  • I like Kangaroo and Kiwi for obvious reasons, and I bartend there
  • Percy’s and Grog bar are also really good
  • Golden City Chinese is delicious
  • Now all we need is dim sum!

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