Make the Agency/Client Bond a Strong One

Rosalind Brazel / February 21, 2013

by Aaron Blank

In the dynamic world of public relations, PR agencies thrive from the successes of their clients. It’s vital to remember victories are shared experiences and both parties benefit from wins. Both agency and client have to give time and effort, the client to educate, the agency to get up to speed.

Here are ten ways to make the agency/client relationship a win/win:

  1. Define what success looks like – Agree to specific goals
  2. Don’t underestimate a check-in – It keeps both teams on the same page
  3. Think strategically and forward – Revisit goals often to check progress
  4. Go outside the box – Don’t be afraid to get creative on a project
  5. Don’t spit out PR agencies – Problems? Open up a conversation with the firm you hired
  6. Beware of the bait and switch – The team presented should be the team you work with
  7. Share information – The more your PR agency knows the more likely it will succeed
  8. Understand a retainer fee structure versus an hourly rate – A retainer does not mean unlimited hours
  9. Use your voice – Don’t be afraid to rock the boat, clients want strong counselors
  10. Have fun – Establish trust, challenge each other, leverage skills to produce positive results

Like any relationship, this takes time and effort. A strong pair needs to establish trust, challenge each other and collaborate. Get to know each other as people, then learn how to leverage each other’s skills to produce positive results.

I authored an article in PR News that expands upon this content a bit more. If you are interested in reading it, contact me on Twitter at @AaronBlank or go to their website (though it requires a subscription).