Lessons Learned: Client Relationships & Stinky Fish

David Jones / April 7, 2015

FullSizeRenderThis is my first bona fide job post-graduation and fearlessness was not what I felt in the beginning. My track record of non-profit work did not make me the usual suspect for a public relations job. Six months of career exploration, networking, frustration and deflated confidence later, I managed to land here, and I’m amazed to say that the long wait was worth it.

In the three months since I first started as a Production Assistant at The Fearey Group I’ve learned that the artistry of public relations is more like a creative dance. A well thought out dance, but a dance nonetheless. In a dance you need a partner or in our case, clients. The rhythm of give and take is similar to that of leading and following, where each must proceed in a balanced manner of execution but also creative spontaneity and expression. The connection, the relationship, the reliance on each other is necessary to find mutual benefit.  Out of all the other minor skills and mastery of basic PR tools I’ve been learning, this understanding is the most pivotal for me.

In the end, at whatever age whether 22 or 40, we all want to find our passions. We all want to do work that engages us and makes us happy. I may not know exactly what that looks like now, but here, I’m closer than I was yesterday. And that little thought makes me grin.

I can’t forget to share the probably obvious and unobvious tidbits of knowledge I’ve acquired:

  • The people you work with are critical to your happiness and growth
  • Twitter is PR gold
  • The details matter more than you think
  • Don’t ever bring fish for lunch – that is a big no-no I learned the hard way
  • Find ways to make your lunch hour count! I love to break up the day with a short run. Our CEO, Aaron   Blank uses almost every lunch hour networking and catching up with people (His catchphrase, “never eat alone”)
  • Hard work will surpass being skilled
  • Never take the window by your desk for granted