Meet the Media: Kristin Ackerman Bacon

Kristin Peixotto / April 9, 2018

For this week’s Meet the Media, we’d like you to meet Kristin Ackerman Bacon, the publisher and CEO of Sip Publishing. Sip Publishing includes Sip Northwest Magazine,  CIDERCRAFT MagazineSip’s Wine Guide: British Columbia, and Tasting Cider Book.

1. How did you find yourself as the publisher and CEO of Sip Publishing?

I didn’t really find myself in that role, but I created it for myself! I’ve worked for other publishers for over 15 years and always knew this is what I’d end up doing. My father instilled the “entrepreneurship” ideals in me early on and the advice that stuck with me always was to “figure out what you love to do, and learn how to make a job of it” or “do what you love and the money will come.” I believe in this 150 percent, and in fact, I have to remind myself that I chose this for myself every time I feel like it’s too much and challenges arise in this type of work.

2. What is your favorite thing about your job? 

First, we are a family, female-owned and run business. The fact that we are covering an industry that is so male-dominated and that we are so well respected is pretty empowering. Secondly, the opportunity to get to work with all the passionate craft beverage producers out there. People always point out my excitement every time I get the chance to talk about our magazines. It’s that excitement that motivates us when learning everyone else’s story, about how they got started and their plans for the future. It’s our job to relay their stories in a way that captures our readers.

3. What is your day like at your job?

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines! We are a small but mighty team publishing several beverage magazines, so it’s a lot of moving parts. I love those memes about “what people think I really do.” Everyone thinks we just sit around drinking wine all day and, while that’s certainly part of it, it’s really a small part of what we do day-to-day. It takes a village to cover as much as we do for each beverage and we are lucky to have amazing contributors that are experts in their respective fields who help us with this daunting task. I won’t lie, we typically take a Friday each month and open up all the samples in the office that we’ve been wanting to try with a group of experienced palates and talk through everything – that’s pretty darn fun.

4. Who do you most look up to in the journalism industry?

I’ve always been on the business side of publishing, so I’d have to say I’ve always respected and looked up to Oprah — her unwavering values, being an inspiration to female entrepreneurs and, of course, her belief in the “power of print.”

5. What is your favorite news outlet?

KING 5. I love me some Amity Addrisi and Ben Dery!

6. What is your favorite thing about Seattle?

Summer, spring and fall! But seriously, summer is the best. I’ve got a little Boston Whaler boat I moor at our office and we sneak out early for a little putz around Lake Union a few days a week, weather permitting!

7. When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

Travel. My husband and I have had the opportunity to tour all around our beautiful Pacific Northwest but since our wedding in 2016, we made a pact to do at least one international trip per year. We just got back from Isla Holbox and Tulum, Mexico in February and we’re heading to Greece this fall.

8. What is your guilty pleasure?

Hoda and Kathy Lee on the Today Show. It’s rare I miss a morning show! I would say a tasty well-crafted beverage, but that would be too obvious!

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