The Importance for Nonprofits to Invest in Public Relations

Olivia Fuller / February 14, 2018

Like all other corporate brands and organizations, nonprofits seek to increase their overall awareness and visibility among their target audiences. However, it can be challenging to allocate funding to public relations and marketing efforts when most nonprofits are running extremely tight budgets, with the majority of dollars going towards program and mission-driven work. However, investing even a little bit in PR can go a long way in helping to increase awareness while cementing credibility; growing a stronger support base; and fueling fundraising.

Understanding exactly how PR can advance a nonprofit’s mission and organizational goals will hopefully trigger more nonprofits—with limited budgets—to leverage this area of communications. Here are just a few benefits:

Cementing credibility

It’s unlikely that people will donate their time or money to an organization without being certain of its credibility in the community. By adding their voice to the discussion of the causes that they support, whether that be through earned media storytelling, speaking engagements, or participation in relevant conferences and events, nonprofit organizations increase their credibility and prove themselves to be trusted experts.

Reaching new communities

PR is also effective in distributing a nonprofit’s mission across various channels to reach new audiences. By identifying new audiences and shaping messages in a way that will be well-received by those untapped communities, nonprofits can expand their base of potential supporters. This can be achieved by building out an organization’s social media presence or placing guest articles in new publications not previously targeted.

Providing transparency on activities and impact

With so many nonprofits vying for support for similar issues and causes, organizations need to differentiate themselves and be transparent about their activities and impact. People want to know that their donated dollars or volunteerism is truly making a difference. PR can help organizations elevate those impact details and points of differentiation to attract new supporters, partners and volunteers, while making those already engaged feel energized about their involvement with the organization.

Supporting fundraising

When asked about their goals for PR, “increasing fundraising” will likely top the list for most nonprofits. While all positive PR helps to increase fundraising by expanding an organization’s reach, visibility and credibility, it can more directly support fundraising efforts through a focused strategy. For example, PR teams can help manage monthly newsletters to partners and donors, implement fundraising-driven social media campaigns, and support donor events.

By investing in PR – even on a small scale – nonprofits increase their visibility among the audiences they want to reach and ultimately get closer to achieving their public engagement and fundraising goals.

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