Howdy, Partner

Shea Anderson / April 27, 2012

Call it media consolidation, but you’d be missing the point.

Media organizations are always looking for smart (read: inexpensive) ways to broaden their reach and extend their capacity. If you’re a traditional newspaper, having a partnership with a broadcast entity makes great sense because it allows you to reach a whole new set of media consumers. Ditto to a television station; having a newsroom full of print reporters working on stories you can talk about during a long broadcast that needs filling.

It’s smart marketing, smart media placement strategy and smart business thinking.

So you can expect some good cross-pollination from the new partnership recently announced by The Puget Sound Business Journal and KOMO TV. The two media entities will share their respective resources and viewers and readers should enjoy the results.

Gordon Prouty, the publisher of the Puget Sound Business Journal, has the story here.

KOMO TV co-anchor Brad Goode will host a “Goode 4 Business” segment focusing on the top business stories of the morning, with PSBJ reporters and stories helping fill the segment. “Goode 4 Business” will be telecast in the second half of KOMO TV’s 6 a.m. news hour. For an intro, Prouty joined Goode on camera in a video here. 

Not to be outdone in the partnership game, The Seattle Times today announced a partnership with Seattle Globalist, a website devoted to international news and travel. To their credit, the Seattle Times says it’s got 50 partners of various kinds throughout the blogosphere and Internet.

Partnerships do come and go, but the best ones exemplify the term. Both backs need scratching, and the users have to reap the benefits.

Best of luck to these news organizations as they pursue their new partnerships.