[Fresh Press] Rescued Gray Whale, $1200 Restaurant Tip, & More Vegan Burger Madness

Aaron Blank / August 25, 2017

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Aug 25, A Week of [Fresh Press]


KIRO 7: Gray Whale is Rescued, Washington Needs Wildlife Center


News12: Restaurant patrons leave Bar Louie waitress $1,200 tip

This incredible story of generosity has been picked up nationally by the New York Post, Boston Globe, The Daily Mail, Inside Edition and many others.


Next Level Burger is making a big splash in the news as it prepares to open its doors in Seattle today. Here is some of the recent coverage from this week:


Forbes.com: Whole Foods Adds Vegan Next Level Burger Bars

[Fresh Press] Matt de Gruyter, CEO of Next Level Burgers a vegan burger joint opening in Seattle Whole Foods
Matt de Gruyter, CEO of Next Level Burgers a vegan burger joint opening in Seattle.
How did Next Level Burger come to be? Matt de Gruyter tells Seattle-based Forbes writer, Ronald Holden, why he and his wife decided to bring healthy food options to the masses.

People want to be healthier, de Gruyter says. “Ten years ago, a third of the country said they wanted to reduce their consumption of red meat,” he said in an interview. “Now it’s two-thirds of the country, and dairy, too.”

Seattle Magazine: New Veggie Burger Chain Inside Whole Foods is Just Good Enough

In her restaurant review of Next Level Burger, Chelsea Lin, Seattle Magazine’s food and dining editor tells folks, “these aren’t frou-frou health burgers”. Noting that many people find it daunting to cut out meat, Next Level Burger offers “burgers for people who like burgers, but also happen to want to eat fewer animal products”.

LIVEKINDLY: Plant-Based Burger Bar Latest Addition To Seattle Whole Foods

Next Level Burger doesn’t just serve veggie burgers, they also serve hot dogs, dairy free shakes and alcohol! Who knew vegan could taste this good?! The first Washington location is now open today, August 25 from 11 am to 10 pm!

KING 5, New Day NW: New plant-based burger shop opens in Seattle


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