Four Ways To Getting More Online Reviews For Your Company 

Olivia Fuller / August 17, 2018

Online reviews can be crucial for building brand credibility and maintaining a positive reputation. They are what guide people toward or away from products and services, and more people are reading reviews than ever before to decide whether to trust a business. In fact, a recent survey found that 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Beyond a high level of trust, reviews are often what individuals see first when they are looking for a business online. Think about the last time you searched Google for a business. It’s likely that along with the business, address and website link, star rankings and reviews popped up as well.

Earning a high volume of positive reviews can help businesses attract new customers and drive leads while also retaining past ones. That’s why it’s so important for businesses to implement strategies to encourage more customer reviews. Here are four ways to boost your reviews and gain more credibility with current and future customers.


  1. Run an email campaign

Let your past and current customers know you value their feedback and send them an email directing them to where they can leave a review. Without a prompt, customers may not take the time to find out how to leave a review, let alone write it. Plus, popping up in an inbox can help remind past customers who you are and make current customers feel important and valued by your company.

  1. Make the ask: Personally invite people after working with them

Relationships are important. Make it a habit to personally ask those you’ve worked with to share a testimony of their experience. This lets them know that their opinion is valued while also opening the door for a more candid conversation about their experience, strengthening the professional relationship. A personal invitation may also be more likely to yield a positive response.

  1. Post on social media

Consider asking your social media followers to leave a review. People that follow you on social media are already interested in hearing from you consistently, so they might be more willing to see your request and take the time to engage with it. However, be careful not to promote too widely on social media, as you don’t want fake reviews from people who don’t follow you or haven’t used your products or services.

  1. Make it fast and easy

Simplicity is key. Don’t route customers through a bunch of links or bore them with too many questions. The last thing you want is for your review process to become an inconvenience and discourage positive reviews.

In the digital age, people crave online information they can trust. More than ever, that trust is earned through online reviews. Doing your due diligence to earn positive reviews from customers and manage negative feedback is essential to build your credibility and reputation.