Five Ways Public Relations Helps You Win

Aaron Blank / April 3, 2016

Speaking engagementRunning a business can be tough. Even in a strong economy the pressure to over deliver to customers and stakeholders is never ending. You’re navigating those highly competitive waters alone, trying to keep an advantage while getting your message to resonate. Hiring a PR firm is more than just a way to get publicity. It’s essentially a way to add a highly skilled, results-driven, dynamic extension to your own team and creating a strong voice in your industry. No matter how big or small you are, whether you have an in-house communications team or none at all, you can benefit greatly from hiring a PR firm. Here are just five ways:

  1. Boots on the ground without expanding your operations and overhead. Think of hiring PR as growing your business without growing your business. You have enough to worry about without focusing energy and resources on matters outside your sphere. A hired PR team doesn’t take sick days, vacations or require management. They exist only to further your success.
  2. You get a dedicated team with a varied skillset. When you meet with a PR firm, you’ll be looking into the faces of the very people tasking themselves with your goals. A good match will include industry experts with unique backgrounds, perspectives and skills suited to your needs. By focusing their combined competencies you gain an advantage for which there is no substitute.
  3. A team whose own success depends on yours. A PR firm cares as much about your business as you do because it is their job to deliver measurable results. Your goals become their goals and your reputation becomes their reputation.
  4. Long-term payoff. Unlike advertising which aims for a quick impact and temporary results, PR is playing the long game. Your dollar goes further because public relations is a business of building relationships that last. While sales numbers for next quarter are important, good PR plants and tends seeds that will continue to bear fruit for years to come.
  5. Competitive advantage. The modern world is a noisy one and everybody is straining to be heard. How do you rise above it? Hiring the right PR firm is the way to make your message find its audience without yelling and can be your rudder through the cluttered sea of competition.

Would you attempt to cater your own lunch event? Or dedicate office space for a server farm to host your website? No, you know enough to focus on your business and let experts handle the rest. Your product is good. Your team is loaded with talent. But no matter how hard you work at being the best in your field, there will always be communication challenges to be met and relationships to be cultivated. Don’t take them on alone. Hiring PR is a logical component to your strategy for success.

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Aaron Blank

CEO & President, Partner

Aaron has been engaged in the conversation since the late 1990s, where he discovered his love of media while working at local radio stations. After five years as a radio reporter, anchor, producer and promoter in New York and Connecticut, he and his wife, Lacey, ventured west to begin his career in PR. Soon he caught the attention of industry legend Pat Fearey and the rest is history. Two decades later, as CEO and owner of Fearey, Aaron leads with tireless enthusiasm and contagious drive. In 2014, he became the next generation owner of the firm. He takes his breakfast at 4:30 AM and never eats lunch alone. You can find him working to connect the next business with tomorrow’s leader.

Personal philosophy: do something amazing every day and be fearless!