Five major keys to successful interviews at The Fearey Group…or anywhere!

Marya Purrington / September 15, 2016

Recently hired production assistant Bobby Whittingham (BW) and his manager, account executive Marya Purrington (MP), discuss what makes a quality interview from the interviewee and interviewer perspectives.

Bobby + Marya, Fearey employeesWe believe there are five major key words that make up a successful interview: Research, Preparation, Confidence, Fearlessness and Authenticity.

  • Research
    • BW: So you’ve been emailed to set up a quick phone interview…booyah. Best way to prepare? Research, research and more research. Understand the firm’s story, live the brand and you’ll impress the interviewer and separate yourself from the other applicants. So go ahead, creep away on related social media accounts/websites to help you learn about the culture and decide if it’s the right fit.
    • MP: Research shows a candidate really cares. One of the most important questions for me, as an interviewer, is, “WHY do you want to work for The Fearey Group?” If a candidate can’t tell me a few good reasons why they want to work here, they probably won’t get a second interview. Having done research on the company shows that you care, and that you’re interested.
  • Preparation
    • BW: You’ve done as much research as humanly possible, have your list of questions prepared and outfit laid out the night before. The interview is your chance to capitalize and show what skills you can bring to the team; preparation is crucial. Develop a solid list of questions based on your additional research and don’t be afraid to show what you know.
    • MP: Preparation is key – on both sides! I always like to write up questions ahead of time, so that I can not only stay on track, but also keep notes about their answers. It’s also nice when someone shows up with printed resumes and work samples. Again, it shows you care and are prepared.
  • Confidence
    • BW: Be sure to take some extra time to look your best. You do your best when you feel your best! Do whatever makes you feel like Kanye.
    • MP: Confidence is super important as an interviewer. At the end of your interview, you’ll most likely get asked questions by the candidate (another preparation tip for interviewees – prepare questions for your interviewer ahead of time!), and you need to have thoughtful answers about the office culture, the work load and more.
  • Fearlessness
    • BW: Being fearless is what makes The Fearey Group tick. Don’t be afraid to get engaged with the firm’s social media accounts prior to and after the interview. Get to know your interviewer on a more personal level because, after all, you could be working with that person every day!
    • MP: I always love a fearless approach from an interviewee – whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation about their work, or a handwritten thank you card after the interview. Bobby was fearless by adding me on Snapchat and snapping me a thank you. Since we are such a socially connected firm, it was the perfect touch to a great interview!
  • Authenticity
    • BW: Most importantly, don’t be afraid to be yourself! Let your personality shine through.
    • MP: This is so important. You’re going to spend the majority of your time with your coworkers, so it’s important that you vibe well together. If you can’t be yourself around your coworkers, prepare yourself for 40 hours of acting a week. Not worth it!


It all comes down to this: Show as much interest in the company you’re interviewing with as they show in you, ask great questions, be fearless and (again) most importantly, BE YOURSELF!

We hope this sets you up for all future interviews, whether at The Fearey Group or elsewhere. Want to work with us? Check out our careers page!