Fearless Thinkers: One Local Representative’s Subtle Yet Effective Marketing Approach during this Year’s Holiday Season

Meredith Hickman / January 17, 2014

This year we bring to you a new series on our blog, “Fearless Thinkers”. Each month (and sometimes more frequently!) we will share out a public relations, marketing or social campaign that caught our eye. Happy reading and Happy New Year!

On the first day of Christmas, Express Employment Professionals gave The Fearey Group a pear, and the gifts continued for 12 days in perfect harmony with the famous holiday tune.

Each year companies and organizations worldwide look for creative and unique ways to break through the holiday noise and resonate with consumers. This season, Express Employment Professionals had the right idea.

The company, which specializes helping people find jobs and matching companies with the right employees, chose 10 organizations in the Seattle area, including The Fearey Group, to deliver 12 gifts for 12 days. Not only did a member of Express Employment hand deliver the gifts each day, but they also provided an explanation of the gift and how it mapped back to the company’s values and services. Company Owner, Michael Lee, said of the campaign, “The song is culturally relevant to most people whether they celebrate Christmas or not. And who doesn’t like getting presents regardless of what you believe? The strategy has been to give something of value to our prospects… a fun experience, before we even talk about our staffing services at Express.”

This creative campaign gave Express Employment Professionals a reason to personally interact with 10 companies, each day, for 12 days. That is no easy feat! We commend their inventive and successful effort to resonate with their customers during the buzzing holiday season.

We’ve included Express Employment Professional’s 12 Days of Christmas tags below as well as photos of our favorite gifts. Enjoy and follow @Expressjobs4you on Twitter for job postings and more!

On the 1st Day of Christmas, Express gave to me: A Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Make a note, you and Express are a great “pear.”

On the 2nd Day of Christmas, Express gave to me: Two Turtle Doves.

Express brings fresh staffing solutions “two” you.

On the 3rd Day of Christmas, Express gave to me: Three French Horns.

Let Express scrub away your staffing issues.

On the 4th Day of Christmas, Express gave to me: Four Calling Birds.

Calling Express to clean up your staffing Woes.

On the 5th Day of Christmas, Express gave to me: Five Golden Rings.

At Express, our service it worth its weight in gold.

On the 6th Day of Christmas, Express gave to me: Six Geese a Laying.

Calling Express for your staffing needs is an EGGcellent idea.

On the 7th Day of Christmas, Express gave to me: Seven Swans a Swimming.

Express can help clean up your HR challenges.

On the 8th Day of Christmas, Express gave to me: Eight Maids a Milking.

Express provides staffing solutions that are “maid” to order.

On the 9th Day of Christmas, Express gave to me: Nine Ladies Dancing.

Express can help you dance through your ever-changing business needs.

On the 10th Day of Christmas, Express gave to me: Ten Lords a Leaping.

Express will exceed your expectations leaps and bounds.

On the 11th Day of Christmas, Express gave to me: Eleven Pipers Piping.

Experience sweet success with Express.

On the 12th Day of Christmas, Express gave to me: Twelve Drummers Drumming.

Express won’t miss a beat when it comes to providing the best staffing solutions.