Fearless Friday! How Well Do You Know Audrey Tanberg?

Mark Parrott / March 31, 2017


Audrey Tanberg - Still Headshot
Senior Social Media and Digital Strategist, Audrey Tanberg

At The Fearey Group we believe everyone has a story to tell. As a firm that has been around for more than 36 years, we understand where we came from has strong bearing on where we are. So, what stories currently make The Fearey Group a leading independent public relations and public affairs firms in the Pacific Northwest?

Each Friday we shine the spotlight on one person at The Fearey Group. We will ask them the questions to help them share their stories and give insight into what makes our firm truly “fearless.”

For this week’s installment of Fearless Friday, we shine the spotlight on Senior Social Media and Digital Strategist Audrey Tanberg.

You’re stranded on a island for a year. Would you rather be alone or with someone you don’t like?

Audrey Tanberg: I would rather be with somebody I do not like because I feel like I would go crazy being alone. On the other hand, if it is just a year, I would say by myself.

What is one accomplishment in your life you are proud of?

AT: One accomplishment in my life I am proud of is re-starting the Capitol Hill Art Walk. I used to work at a small business on Capitol Hill and we wanted to do something in the community. I heard Capitol Hill had an art walk and I wanted to have our business participate, unfortunately at that time it was defunct. After hearing from a few other businesses that they missed the art walk, I got it up and going again with the help of a few other people. After a few years, it grew beyond what I could do in my spare time so I went to the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce and pitched them taking on the art walk to help with funding and outreach. With the support of the chamber and some great volunteers, the groundwork was set and it is still running to this day.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?

AT: I would eat tacos; I just don’t think I could ever get tired of tacos.

What’s the greatest bit of advice a parent or mentor has given you?

AT: I can’t say a parent or mentor gave me this advice, but I feel it is particularly important with social media: “It is better to be right than it is to be first.” I think a lot of times on social media people are so eager to jump on something and report it but then it can be wrong. It is better to hold the information until you are able to verify it. For example, in crisis communication something will pop up and people want to answer it right away but it is better to hold off and make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you put something out there that can potentially jeopardize someone’s career.

What is one important skill every person should have?

AT: One important skill every person should have is good communication because it relates well to any profession. Whether your building something in a factory or you are a doctor in an operating room if you are able to communicate then you will have a better chance at succeeding.

If you had a time machine, what point in the past or future would you visit?

AT: I want to go back and see what books got destroyed that we do not know about now or whatever ancient teachings took place before the catholic church took power.