Fearless, Authentic
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Celebrating Our 37th Year in Business

When The Fearey Group’s founder Pat Fearey set up shop in 1981, she was a renegade. In a male-dominated industry she proved it wasn’t about which clubs you belonged to, it was about real relationships and fearless thinking. In the years that followed, The Fearey Group became one of the most respected PR firms in the region.

The firm was founded to push boundaries—to test the status quo—to do amazing things. Our roots are connected to the early years of Bumbershoot, one of Seattle’s iconic music festivals. The firm also had something to do with the launch of the new Seattle Streetcar network. In other words, Fearey doesn’t settle.

In 2005, Pat hired Aaron Blank. He is someone who lives and breathes the “be fearless” mentality. Aaron quickly worked his way up the ranks. In 2012, he took over as president, and on January 1, 2014, Aaron became owner and CEO. He has grown and expanded the firm, primarily through his focus on innovation and quality—and in making sure that The Fearey Group keeps that renegade mentality. The firm has also expanded its branding and marketing services to keep up with the changing communications landscape.

The firm’s mission is to build trusting and enduring relationships, one conversation at a time. Its vision is to be the best communications firm in the Pacific Northwest.


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