CityClub’s 2013 Health Care Series: Washington Businesses in Reform

Rosalind Brazel / June 10, 2013

by Nandi Thorn

A big part of our job is staying informed. This doesn’t just mean keeping up on the latest social media app or following media movers and shakers. It means taking an active role in the conversations that most impact our clients and the work we do every day.

With this in mind, I recently attended a CityClub event on health reform for businesses. This event was a part of the CityClub Health Care Series moderated by KING 5’s Jean Enerson. Panelists included:

Massachusetts gave us a vote of confidence that health reform could bring positive change. We learned that small businesses will have more choices, but it’s unclear what those choices will mean just yet (the Chamber is launching a series for small businesses that could help provide more information). And it sounds like shopping in the “exchange marketplace” will begin Oct. 2013.

The Fearey Group health care practice has been immersed in health reform research. We’ve been attending conferences and webinars, digging into online resources and meeting with experts across the industry. One thing that continues to ring true: everyone is joining the conversation, but it’s tough to decide what conversation is right for you.

So what can you do as an organization or as a communication professional looking to join (or lead) the conversation?

Be an expert on the issues that most impact you and your customers: You can’t be an expert on everything, but if you can shed some light and provide guidance in one specific area, you will make a positive impact.

  • Keep it simple: Imagine that you are explaining this to a kindergarten class. Yes, I said it.
  • Find new ways to engage: Massachusetts partnered with the Red Sox to get the word out – how cool is that? Now, we’re not suggesting that you need something that big, but do think about where your target audience is and what might peak their interest in a new and different way.
  • Don’t wait until you have all of the answers: Own what you know and what you don’t. If you wait until you have all of the information, you may miss the opportunity all together.