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When South Lake Union-based Vulcan Real Estate reached out to The Fearey Group in 2002 looking for support during a re-development, they needed important infrastructure changes in order to realize their vision, which included road improvements, zoning and density changes. These improvements required broad-based political and community support. With the help of The Fearey Group, Vulcan Real Estate has continued to build a diverse portfolio through strategic acquisitions and innovative development.


Initiate a re-development strategy through the use of social media and strategic marketing. The Fearey Group created a multi-level outreach program aimed at neutralizing opposition and building support among community stakeholders and elected officials. This work included developing a strategic brand strategy, conducting an aggressive media outreach program, creating and implementing social media strategies, and producing marketing campaigns.


On behalf of Vulcan Real Estate, The Fearey Group secured more than 500 news stories including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic and Chicago Tribune, helping to make the South Lake Union neighborhood Seattle’s hottest and most interesting area to live, work and play.


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