Swedish Neuroscience: Live Instagram of a Cochlear Implant Surgery



About 12 percent of the population, or 38 million Americans have significant hearing loss, but most wait seven years to seek help due to the associated stigma and a lack of helpful resources. The Swedish Neuroscience Institute wanted to raise awareness about a life-changing device: cochlear implants, which can restore hearing to a deaf person’s inner ear.


Launch #SwedishHear, a campaign that featured Mrs. Eleanor Day and her journey to restoring her hearing via a cochlear implant. Mrs. Day’s surgery was broadcast from the operating room and simultaneously narrated on Twitter. Media and public demand was so strong that the team also live-streamed the activation of Mrs. Day’s device one week later, when she heard her husband’s voice for the first time in five years.


More than 1,000 viewers tuned in for the live-stream events, which was hosted on influential media websites including Forbes, Mashable, C-Net and The Atlantic. More than 72 high profile media hits resulted from the campaign. And on social media, there were over 2,100 likes on Instagram photos and countless retweets and shares on Twitter.


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