Spokane Tribe Economic Project

Managing positive engagements with the media


For almost a decade, the Spokane Tribe of Indians pursued a casino and entertainment complex in Airway Heights called STEP – Spokane Tribe Economic Project. The process entailed approval from the Department of the Interior and final agreement by the Governor. Criteria included two factors: the project had be in the best interest of the tribe and not detrimental to the community. While the project had many supporters including local leaders and labor unions, its opponents included the Spokane Chamber of Commerce, Spokane County Council, various elected representatives and the Spokesman Review editorial board.


The Fearey Group was brought in to promote positive engagement with the media, craft communications strategy and materials, advise the Tribal Council and execute a social media plan.

Working with a team of community organizers, attorneys, and government relations experts, The Fearey Group helped explain the positive aspects of the projects and ensure community members and decision-makers understood what was at stake for the tribe and Spokane County.


The Department of the Interior approved STEP in June 2015. Community support grows while opposition to the decision has been almost non-existent.

The Fearey Group continues to offer strategic counsel to the Tribe and the STEP team.


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