Paul G. Allen Family Foundation: Building the media relations program

Philanthropic initiatives defined through public awareness


The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation exists to improve communities throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond by funding programs that jumpstart meaningful change in these core areas: the arts, financial empowerment, libraries, education, science and technology.

Lost in the shadow of the more prominent Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation was little known within the community. Many reporters and local community organizations were unaware that the foundation even existed.


Leverage grant announcements to introduce the foundation to local media in the five-state Pacific Northwest region. By focusing on the critical work of the grant recipients, The Fearey Group demonstrated the foundation’s positive impact on improving the quality of life in communities throughout the Northwest.


Media coverage on the Foundation’s support of nonprofits in the Northwest—as well as the grantees’ specific initiatives— spanned many national, regional and local news outlets. Both the public and non-profit organizations have gained ever-increasing knowledge of the mission of the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. Polls conducted suggest that they knew more about Paul Allen’s involvement in the foundation than they did of any other initiative he has led, with the exception of the Seattle Seahawks.


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