Merriman: Helping a wealth management company get connected

Developing relationships one conversation at a time


As a wealth management firm since 1983, Merriman has successfully guided clients from accumulation of wealth to retirement as though each client was family. With a high retention rate and solid client base sustaining the firm through the decades, the firm decided it was time to actively seek out new clients, and brought on The Fearey Group to assist.


Provide networking support for specific industry niches through individual coaching with wealth management advisors. By working one-on-one with advisors over the course of a year, The Fearey Group gave tips and advice on how to work a room, made key introductions within specific industries, and worked with Merriman to create a new specialized networking organization that includes other key stakeholders.

With the help of The Fearey Group, the wealth advisors at Merriman established over 75 new relationships within their respective niches and today are working to create sustainable individual brand platforms through social media, public relations and other traditional marketing efforts.


  • 75 new relationships
  • A social media program for wealth advisors
  • Networking group created just for Merriman


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