LYFE Kitchen: Building buzz for a national restaurant franchise

A focus on the local community and media


Fearey was hired in 2015 by LYFE Kitchen to manage its external relations and public relations program. In the process of opening restaurants throughout California, Fearey was tasked with creating unique opportunities to get the media, community and social media influencers in the door in all the new markets where LYFE Kitchen was opening its doors.


Hosting an event for social media influencers who are the best in writing restaurant reviews is no easy task. Fearey specializes in helping restaurants gain these opportunities – whether these are news media reviewers or social media reviewers. We know how to get the reviewers in the door and we know how to help a chef get ready for the ultimate taste test.

The Fearey team worked to build community connections, relationships, and buzz at the local level – from the local Chamber to the Mayor’s office and to the neighboring businesses. It also worked to get local media engaged with the brand. Instead of a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony, Fearey hosted High School newspaper media tours, brought in Stanford University’s a Cappella group and hosted a live radio remote broadcast to engage LYFE Kitchen’s audience in new ways. It concluded each opening with a specialized all-inclusive YELP Elite event for the region’s top foodies.



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