15 to 1: Jermaine Kearse Foundation – the power of a Seattle Seahawks WR

Launching a new foundation for NFL Wide Receiver Jermaine Kearse


Growing up on a military base near Tacoma, Seattle Seahawks wide-receiver Jermaine Kearse fully understands the challenges associated with being raised in a military family. Rising above expectations after a modern nomadic childhood, Jermaine eventually made the Seahawks as an undrafted free agent. Inspired to give back to his community, Jermaine decided to establish a foundation to make a difference in the lives of youth in military families.


Develop a mission and vision, identify the visual representation of the foundation and associated brand identity as well as promote the foundation’s objectives and news. The Fearey Group engaged the media to reach military families, Seahawks fans, potential donors and sponsors as well as launched a website and raised significant funds to officially launch the foundation in July of 2015.


Through media outreach and strategic marketing, 15to1 was born. A presence on social media was built including 75,000+ likes to Jermaine’s personal Facebook fan page in six months of posting. The Fearey Group secured nine media placements with local media including KING-TV (NBC affiliate), Q-13 (Fox affiliate), MyNorthwest.com and ESPN Radio, creating excitement and support for military youth in the Seattle-area community.


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