Meet the Media: Adria Saracino

Kristin Peixotto / March 12, 2018

For this week’s Meet the Media, we’d like to introduce you to Adria Saracino, owner and blogger at The Emerald Palate, a lifestyle blog and food tour company that features the flavors, makers and unique travel experiences of the Pacific Northwest.

  1. How did you find yourself starting your blog The Emerald Palate?

I’ve always been developing recipes and curating Google maps of all the best places to eat when traveling. Since my friends always turned to me for advice on where to eat and shop, I decided to start documenting it in a blog!

2. Which of your stories are you most proud of?

Definitely my self-guided food tour of Ballard. It features all my favorite restaurants in my favorite neighborhood of Seattle. I did a lot of research for it, including interviewing most of the restaurants I featured. It was a labor of love, but completely worth it.

3. What is your favorite thing about your job?

There’s nothing I love more than finding a new hidden pocket of the Pacific Northwest and sharing it with people. Especially if those people are locals. There’s something deeply satisfying about hearing someone say, “Wow, I’ve lived here all my life and didn’t know that existed.”

4. What is your interview style?

I’m really thorough. I love giving people a complete picture of the business or destination I’m sharing. When it’s an interview with a person, I try to document the moment that they decided to start their business, or that pivotal moment when things changed for them. That’s the point of their story that usually inspires others.

5. What do you look for in a story?

Passion. As soon as I get someone talking excitedly, I know I’ve found what makes them tick.

6. What is your day like at your job?

I work in tech as a content strategist, so it’s a blur of research, design, writing, and meetings!

7. Who do you most look up to in the journalism industry?

I’m partial to people who own their story and share it with the world. This means I love autobiographies, especially of chefs and people in the food industry.

8. What is your favorite news outlet?

I prefer news curators so I get a mix of perspectives. I’m a daily reader of The Skimm, Next Draft, and The Morning Brew.

9. Fill in the blank:

  • If I am not reporting, I am… Likely traveling. I try to explore as many areas of the Pacific Northwest as possible.
  • If I could interview anyone, it would be… Alice Waters.
  • My favorite thing about Seattle is… How it inspires people to be better. Few cities take recycling, activism, tech, food, and fitness as seriously.

10. What is your guilty pleasure?

Eating! I try to eat healthy when I’m at home, but I can’t control myself at restaurants. Especially when I’m traveling!


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