Activating Ideas in Mobile for Expanded Profit

Rosalind Brazel / April 2, 2013

by Aaron Blank

Last year, I attended my first PRSA Counselor Academy conference. It was the best opportunity for learning that any PR agency manager or owner could possibly obtain. Where else do like-minded wordsmiths and PR entrepreneurs get together to share insights and cross-industry knowledge? The experience is priceless! I’m committing in writing that I plan on going to this year’s conference in Austin from June 9-11.

A breakout session that I’m intrigued by is being hosted by Urvi Bhandari, director of the Industry Solutions Practice of AT&T Mobile Marketing Solutions. Urvi says too many agencies are unprepared for multi-channel consumers who expect to obtain content using a variety of devices, with a consistent brand experience. He says that brand loyalty often depends on the consumer’s ability to interact with a brand at any time, from any place. He says that mobile applications and services enable marketers to build their brands, have control over the brand experience, reach new customers and enrich their customers’ buying experience.

At this session, Urvi plans to explain how agencies have to ensure that client communications are consistent across channels. He will detail how agencies can leverage metrics and analytics to determine the behavior of their specific customer base. As part of the session, he will explain how agencies can gain a competitive advantage, increase profits and expand the client footprint by embracing mobility solutions, from strategy to execution and measurement.

Is your agency wired for mobile? Are you offering mobile applications and solutions to your clients? For details on Urvi’s session or how to attend the 2013 CAPRSA conference, visit: