9 Steps to Landing that Killer PR Job

Kristin Peixotto / March 11, 2018

Maybe you’re just graduating college, switching careers or switching companies, but finding that killer PR job can feel daunting. Here are some steps to help!

1. Dream and write it down– What is your dream PR job? Think about what you are looking for in a company and role. Write it down in a list. Architects need blueprints, right? This is your blueprint for finding your dream job and making it part of your reality.

2. Do your research- After you have come up with your initial list of priorities, research companies that match them. While you can often find this information online, talking to someone that works at the company can help you get the full picture

3. Do PR for yourself– Public relations is the industry of communicating stories of organizations and why they’re relevant. Keep that in mind when you are looking for a job. Maybe you’re good at coming up with social media posts or writing. Find your story and pitch it!

4. Write your press release– Think about your resume as your press release. Why will the hiring manager read it? Is it too long for a busy PR pro to read? Do you have statistics or evidence to make it more compelling? And as you would for any good press release, proof and pay attention to detail!

5. Come up with your points of differentiation– Instead of just sending out a cookie cutter resume for a job, think about what will help you stand out. Going the extra mile to demonstrate your abilities will help you reach your goal, like an Instagram with a high following or a portfolio website.

6. Find and build relationships– Before you send a press release and pitch to a reporter, it always helps to have a relationship with them first. Use the same logic when applying for jobs. Follow people you want to connect with and engage with them on social media. After some social media courtship, follow up with them and ask if you could buy them coffee and chat. Stay connected so that you can revisit those relationships in the future.

7. Pitch yourself – You have laid down all the groundwork, now you just need to pitch your story. In this case, your pitch is your cover letter. Like any good pitch, do some research about your contact and the company and utilize the relationships you’ve built. Explain why they should care about your application.

8. Follow up – So you sent your application out, but maybe there’s radio silence on the other end. As with any pitch or press release, send them a follow-up note by email and ask if they’re still interested and tell them why they should be.

9. Be patient– Not all stories can run when we want them to. Sometimes you need to wait, so it’s more timely or try different reporters. With patience, all good stories will get out there! Sometimes the timing might not be in your favor – but with patience, you’ll find the right place where your story can thrive!

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