4 Tips for Better Video When Working Remote During COVID-19

Jacque Seaman / April 20, 2020

tips for better video during COVID-19

Video has played a critical role in keeping communities connected as stay-at-home mandates and physical distancing during the coronavirus pandemic keep all of us adjusting to a new norm. Businesses are now using video for even more purposes, from staff meetings, to community updates, to news interviews and more.

At Fearey, we’ve been helping clients shift in-person events to online, from fundraising walks to influencer activities. We’ve also advised businesses to proactively take advantage of this format to support both PR and social media efforts during COVID-19. The media scene is even more competitive and saturated with pandemic news, so visually compelling videos can be a good way to break through the noise.

Some businesses are managing better than others with the video format. For those needing a little extra help, we’ve outlined some best practices for creating and recording your own video, whatever the purpose may be.  Here are 4 tips for creating better video presentations during Covid-19.

1. Use plenty of light

Morning sun is best; sit or stand with a window in front of your face. If you’re recording on a darker day or evening, find a lamp or two and place them in front of you. Try to avoid overhead lighting and backlighting as both will cast dramatic shadows on your face.

2. Prepare your background

A plain wall in a lighter color is the best background. If this is unavailable, just make sure your background is clean and distraction free.

3. Reduce background noise

Find a quiet room to record. Background noise like running water or pets will be picked up by the video. While some of this is unavoidable, taking a few measures to reduce noise will go a long way.

4. It’s all about the angle

The camera angle will make a huge difference in the quality of your video. Place your phone or camera horizontally on a flat surface to avoid shakiness. Try to place the camera level to your head, placing your face just above center in the screen.


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