3 Keys to Help You Land Your Dream Marketing Job

Olivia Fuller / May 1, 2018

Connections, resources and relationships. These are three key themes we’ve found to significantly help in landing that dream job – whether it’s here in Seattle or across the globe.

The phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” may oversimplify the road to success but there’s resounding truth to it as well. Establishing a network in your industry, as well as outside of it, helps you stand out in the crowded candidate marketplace. From there, it’s also important to know what resources are available to you, and then, establish relationships with your network so your LinkedIn connections become more than just a URL.


Maybe you just moved to a new city and are starting your network from the ground up. Or maybe your connections are solely within the industry you’re trying to pivot away from. And maybe you have a network of people but don’t know how to tap into them.

Getting back to that phrase “it’s who you know,” some people are born into families and connections that will take them on successful career paths, but for others it’s important and possible to create new connections through opening yourself up to new experiences.

Start by searching event guides (media and newspaper listings, Facebook event calendars, nonprofit sites) and get yourself out of your comfort zone. Networking events, happy hours, advocacy forums, and volunteering events don’t have to be daunting. Bring a friend if it helps but make sure to meet new people, exchange business cards and connect.


While who know is an integral piece of the puzzle, it’s also important to proactively pursue available resources. Job boards are aplenty (LinkedIn, Indeed, Idealist, Glassdoor, the list goes on…) and it’s critical to know which ones to check to streamline your search and stay focused on relevant opportunities.

The PRGN job board aggregates PR and marketing jobs in Seattle, across the U.S. and around the globe. PRGN is a connected network of 50 hand-selected public relations firms servicing key markets around the world. This is a helpful resource since it shows different agencies in varying locations with different areas of expertise so you can find the perfect fit for you.

In addition to being strategic about job boards, there are also resources for developing and strengthening skills to further set you apart from other candidates. For marketing positions, we recommend trying your hand at podcasting and graphic design.


So you’ve made new connections, grown your network and identified and utilized available resources during your job search.

The final key might be the most important: develop and sustain relationships.

Connections, as mentioned above, mean you’ve met new people and opened yourself up to different people, places and experiences, but all of that is meaningless without stewarding relationships. After you meet someone at a networking event, for example, it’s critical to follow up with a genuine conversation and even better, a coffee or lunch meeting offer. If you skip this step and ask a new connection for an interview or introduction to a hiring manager right off the bat, this connection has turned into a transaction that’s beneficial only to you. Instead, seek mutually beneficial relationships by truly getting to know your connections and staying in touch – not just when you want something in return.

At Fearey, we are huge fans of not underestimating traditional communication. This includes sending hand-written cards, meeting in-person for coffee and picking up the phone.

So, what’s stopping you from going after it and landing your dream job?

We’re hiring so don’t hesitate to contact us and grab that coffee!

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